About us

Experimental Workshop is a contemporary music label founded in 2019 by guitarist Dr. Marcin Kozioł in Gdańsk (Poland). The company focuses on publishing classical music scores by contemporary composers such as Piotr Moss, Jerzy Bauer and Črt Sojar Voglar.

Our mission
From the manuscript to the published sheet music. It is a fascinating journey where music is reborn. Among the pieces we have worked on there are many that have never been performed. Thanks to the publication in print they finally have a chance to appear in the repertoire of artists as well as in the minds of the audience. Our mission is to bring these valuable, forgotten works “back to life” through publication, recording and performance. The activity of our publishing house also contributes to the creation of new works for various instrumental ensembles, which then have their phonographic premieres on CDs released by us.

Quality first
We make every effort to best reflect the composer's intentions when preparing their piece for printing. Each score is carefully corrected to avoid all kinds of mistakes so that the musicians can enjoy the piece without any false notes.

We do not leave the notes alone.
Collaborating with a group of high-class musicians we have the opportunity to include editions in the instrumental part of the piece like fingering, bowing, registers etc. Using their expertise we can improve the parts by revising them by experienced musicians if the composer wishes so. All changes are always consulted with the music author.
Our publishing house is mainly focused on contemporary works but a new look at existing pieces in the form of arrangements and transcriptions is also welcome.